The Sunday of Orthodoxy 2023

  1. To Arius, the first fighter against God: Anathema!
  2. To Wulfila the semi-Arian, Nestorius, and Macedonius who say that Trinity suffered and Valentine: Anathema!
  3. To Peter the Fuller and fool, who said: “Holy immortal who has been crucified for us”: Anathema!
  4. To Paul of Samosata and Teodotion: Anathema!
  5. To Peter the Paltry, the heretic, who was surnamed Lycopetrus, to the evil-minded Eutychius and Sabellios: Anathema!
  6. To Jacob the Armenian, Dioscorus of Alexandria and Severus, Sergius, Paul and Pyrrhus, with Sergius the disciple of Lycopetrus: Anathema!
  7. To the Origenists and those along with them: Anathema!
  8. To the fallen and the anticanonical patriarchs denying the Fourth Ecumenical Council, Karekin II of Armenia, Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria the Coptic Patriarch, Abune Mathias of Ethiopia, Ignatius Ephrem II of the Syrian-Jacobites, Baselios Thomas of the Malabarian Indians, who mistakenly call themselves “orthodox” and those who are in communion with them: Anathema!
  9. To those who deny the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Holy Ecumenical Councils, monophysites, monothelites and monenergists: Anathema!
  10. To the Eutychianites, Jacobites and Artzivurites: Anathema!
  11. To the dreadful assembly against the venerable icons: Anathema!
  12. To those who deny the Seventh Holy Ecumenical Council, those who do not worship our Lord Jesus Christ, in the icon depicted after His human nature: Anathema!
  13. To Barlaam of Calabria, Gregory Akyndinios, Prochoros of Kidoniei, Nikiphoros Grigoras, Giorgios Lapithis and their successors: Anathema!
  14. To those who teach the neo-Barlaamite heresy; who teach that the Grace of God is created instead of uncreated: Anathema!
  15. To the blasphemer of Christ, Francis of Assisi with all the false “saints” of the papists: Anathema!
  16. To the baseless heresiarch Pope Francis I of old Rome, who has fallen according to the Canons, and those who are in communion with him: Anathema!
  17. To those who teach that the Orthodox Church is a “sister Church” of the Roman Catholic congregation and other heresies: Anathema!
  18. To Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwigli, Henry VIII – the ungodly king, and those assembled together with them and all the Protestant groups: Anathema!
  19. To the heresiarch of the religious congregation of Anglicanism, Justin Welby, and those who are in communion with him: Anathema!
  20. To those who deny and defame the Mother of God, the Trinity one in essence and undivided, rabbis of Judaism, Islamists and members of the “Watchtower” society of the pseudo Jehovah’s Witnesses: Anathema!
  21. To those who defame the sacraments of the Church: the Baptists, Adventists, Methodists and Pentecostals and all groups of the non-denominational congregations: Anathema!
  22. To those who preach and teach inter-Christian ecumenism and inter-religious pan-heresy: Anathema!
  23. To those who preach and teach the post-Patristic and post-canonical heresy, who say that the teachings of the Holy Fathers are obsolete: Anathema!
  24. To those who deny the Eighth and Ninth Ecumenical Councils, from the time of St. Photios the Great and St. Gregory Palamas, the Papal-Filioquists: Anathema!
  25. To those who teach and accept the so-called “World Council of Churches” (of heresies) which teaches that each Protestant branch is part of the Church of Christ and those who take part in common prayers in the blasphemy and transgression of the Canons, the so-called “Week of Prayer for Christian unity” in January, who consider the heretics as “brothers in Christ”: Anathema!
  26. To those who teach and accept the Toronto Statement (1950), the Agreements of Balamand (1993) and Chambesy (1994) in which the anti-Chalcedonians were falsely recognized as orthodox, and the declarations from Porto Alegre (1997) and Busan (2013): Anathema!
  27. To those who teach that the Church includes all confessions that have departed from Her as “deficient churches” and those who say that there are Holy Sacraments, saving Grace and holiness outside the Orthodox Church, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: Anathema!
  28. To the ethno-phyletists who place their nation, family, tribe, or clan above the Church of Christ: Anathema!
  29. To those who teach that the Ecumenical Patriarch is “primus sine paribus” i.e. the first without equals: Anathema!
  30. To those who teach and practice the heretical texts of the ecumenist pseudo-synod of Crete in June 2016, called “Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church” which:
    1. Enshrine the so-called “restoration of Christian unity” and the historical name of churches for heretics;
    2. Enshrine the so-called “World Council of Churches” as a basis for dialogue with heretics – dogmatic minimalism;
    3. Enshrine the Toronto Declaration, which states that there are members of the church outside the walls of the Orthodox Church and that the Church of Christ is more than a confession of every member of the so-called “World Council of Churches’ in part;
    4. Enshrine mixed-marriages (with heretics) through false economia;
    5. Enshrine John Zizioulas’ concept about the “human person”: Anathema!
  31. To those who claim that not participating in the ecumenical movement creates a stumbling block to the Gospel of Christ, through lack of mutual understanding and cooperation with heretics: Anathema!
  32. To those who deny the truth that the Church of Christ is One and Unique, just as Christ the Head of the Church is One and Unique, having One Body which is the Orthodox Church: Anathema!
  33. To those who teach the Protestant theory of “the invisible Church as a mystical body of Christ”, where visible unity is achieved through cooperation and dialogue; forming the idea that the Orthodox Church and heterodox congregations are in the same house but have divisions between them: Anathema!
  34. To those who do not believe that only the Orthodox Church is the Church of Christ: Anathema!
  35. To those who teach that the commingling of the Local Orthodox Churches with heterodox groups into a so-called “fellowship of churches that accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour”, and that together they would have a common confession of the Faith: Anathema!
  36. To those who affirm that the Church of Christ is in construction, “Christ gathering His children together to build His Church”, where the children are the Orthodox with the heterodox: Anathema!
  37. To the Theosophists, Mormons, Masons, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Gnostics, Esoterics, Neo-Marxists, and those who mix Orthodox teaching with pseudo-scientific theories and pagan teaching: Anathema!
  38. To the theistic evolutionary theory that states that the world and man are continuously evolving since the primordial state of creation, and denying the existence of a complete and unchanged human nature throughout time, thereby negating the purpose of the Incarnation of Christ where He fully assumed human nature and opened up the possibility of the salvation of men: Anathema!
  39. To the heresy of the papal primacy and any other form of papism or semi-papism introduced into the Orthodox synodial collegiality system (which originates in the same way the Apostles gathered fraternally in the Synod of Jerusalem), heresy proliferated today especially by the Patriarchate of Constantinople: Anathema!
  40. To the heretical theology of “Primus sine paribus” as expressed in the anti-canonical “Tomos of Autocephaly” granted by the Patriarchate of Constantinople to the schismatic Ukrainian construct of Epiphany Dumenko and his pseudo-synod: Anathema! To the Tomos of Autocephaly: Anathema! To Epiphany Dumenko and his pseudo-synod: Anathema!  
  41. To all heretics: Anathema!

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